Website Maintenance

Keeping your website up-to-date takes ongoing website maintenance.  You want to keep all of your software current and your content relevant.

Having a great website and not actively supporting it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and oWEBSITE_MAINTENANCEngoing website maintenance is like spending money to shoot a great commercial, but never putting it on the air.

Your Website Is A Powerful Marketing Tool

It is presented online for the world to see, but if prospective customers cannot find it through the common search engines or it is brought down by hackers, then it does little good. The companies that control the search engines are constantly making changes to their search algorithms in order to respond to new technologies, standards, and threats. Hackers are also constantly evolving their methods of attack in order to adjust to improved threat detection and security measures.

Because both search engine optimization and website maintenance have a direct impact on the effectiveness and success of your site, it is imperative that your site is actively maintained and optimized for search engine results.

Website Maintenance Plans Available

We offer several different website maintenance plans. Give us a call and we will customize one to fit your business needs.

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